Only the cute people of SoCal

the others we don't care about

So Cal Cuties
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Disclaimer. By trying out for So Cal Cuties, you are aware of possible rejection. If this happens to you, get over it and leave us alone.

General Info / Rules
1. The moderators are grilly and hyperhowie.
2. Layouts and stamps are created by grilly
3. No discriminative comments.
4. There could be some harsh comments, but don't take them seriously. This is a rating community for fun, and everybody has a different view on what "cute" is.

Prospectives Rules
1. You must be living in Southern California.
2. You are required to post a minimum of THREE pictures in order to try out for So Cal Cuties. No effing links!
3. Please lj-cut, stupid asses!
4. No nude pictures are accepted unless given permission from the moderators. ;)
5. State which city are you are from. Also include a brief info about yourself, such as what school you go to, where do you work at, your interests, hobbies, etc.
6. You are not allowed to comment on other people's entries until you are accepted as a member.

How to get accepted
1. There should be more yes's than no's.
2. Plus both the moderators should approve of you.
3. Please give us at least 48 hours to come to our final decision.

Tips on getting accepted
1. A good picture is always nice, dumbass. :P
2. Be nice to the voters, a bad attitude can result in rejection by the moderators.
3. Your info should show a positive view on yourself. Please do not say anything stupid.
4. Don't overdo it in your pictures, such as too much make up, trying too hard, or altering the pictures to different colors. Natural poses are usually the best. Fo shizzle.

Members Rules
1. Be happy because you are cute.
2. You are encouraged to participate in community by voting or by occasionally posting updated pictures.
3. You have the power, abuse it, fucking assholes!
4. The opinion should be yours, whether you like the person for their looks or personality.
5. Be honest, but don't be too critical. It really is okay to be mean here.
6. If any fights should happen involving you, you could be at risk of being banned.
7. Tell your friends in SoCal to try out for this community!