ithurtsoogood (ithurtsoogood) wrote in socalcuties,


I was born and raised in Brazil until I moved to Cali at 4. I speak portuguese. I enjoy acting, dancing, and watching David Lynch films over a $5 cup of coffee. I love old movies in general!! Rockin' music & the beach!! I love how guys' cologne stays on your clothes after hugging/cuddling. I dislike PeEpS tHaT tYpE & tALk LiKe diS sHiT riGht HeA, Fo sHo!. I'm nice. Usually. Unless you fuck with me or someone I love. My friends and family are my world and I'd be happy to take a bullet for any one of them. I can be a total bitch and a total sweetheart. But never at the same time. What can I say? I'm a Gemini. I'm adventurous, love to try new things and always down for a good time.

add me if u'd like... i need some friends!!
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